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First impression is the best impression

Tress Problems

“First impression is the best impression “ we hear this often but most of us only remember it on occasions like an interview or while meeting a life partner or just to impress someone. The thing is , just like you put a  good dress on ,you can dress up your hair and face for one day...that is quick fix.  I don’t want to talk about that , not today anyway. I want  to talk about, solutions that repair and heal and make that  “ beauty skin deep”.
Let’s start with the hair problems...
Most common of them- the hair fall, dandruff etc.  I always used to say, problems are how the body trying to tell us something is wrong look into it. And how do we respond with out much thought? We change shampoo!!
There are hundreds of reasons for hair loss. Let’s talk about a few obvious reasons. A proper professional consultation is a must. Everything matters from your age, lifestyle, medication,  hormonal problems,diet, water intake,stress, working environment, product usage...etc etc  list is endless.
So first we will correct the internal factors-can see an endocrinologist first to make sure there are no hormonal  issues like under-active thyroid  or anemia. Next comes your diet & water intake. Fibre and protein rich foods with lots of greens 
If your diet is inadequate starting a supplement rich in biotin and vit.b, c d and iron.
Water intake should be  a minimum  3litres per day.Try to finish of thst much before 7pm in the evening so your sleep won’t get affected with frequent trips to toilet at night.
Once these are cleared we can look at the more obvious reason “ the products that we use”
Our choice of products that we buy are influenced by factors like its appearance or advertising , its smell, our friends vouching by it etc 
But never by looking at the ingredients or by trial & error methods. We should feed our hair what it needs not by claims made by others.
Reading ingredients and  usage of some key words on the product should be how we recognise the right product. For example, on hair products first and  most important word is “paraben free”  then  others are sulphates, coal tar, mineral oil,formaldehyde etc.  it should be free of these as well. 
Then check whether written hypoallergenic , means it will cause fewer allergies ,if at all ,than the rest.
Once products also sorted out, next major culprit is your hair care routine. A little care given goes a long me. Make sure you dedicate at least half hour every week for your hair. Once a month you can get a salon service like a hair spa treatment or a protein treatment, and every week at home do a hot oil treatment or a hair mask, nothing love your body then it loves you back....I’ll tell you how to go about it.Warm up a little coconut oil , if you want can add a little camphor or       “ pachakarpooram” or a few tulsi leaves, to make the experience more enjoyable, do a                        non-complicated, relaxing massage movements to your scalp. Warm oil conditions & nourishes the scalp by stimulating the blood vessels there, bringing in more  blood &oxygen to the area.. if you want to steam your scalp after 20 mints massage, use a hot towel and wrap around your head and sit fr 5 mints. Then wash off using, a sulphate free shampoo and appropriate hair conditioner, or if you have time ,make a  moisturising mask, using half a ripe banana, 1tbsp olive oil& 3inch  aloe vera piece.Blend nicely in a mixie & apply, keep for half hour and wash off in plain water.