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Rose water

Rose water promises you a fair skin in very less time. You can purchase already available rose petals or simply peel off rose petals and allow them to soak in water for a day. Now apply this water on face regularly. If possible, whenever you wash your face, you can wash with rose water. Remember not to apply soap when you wash your face with rose water. There are many cases wherein people used rose water and got not just fair complexion but close to pink complexion.

Tomato Juice

Do you know La Tomatina festival? If you don't know, then let me tell you that's its a unique festival that takes place at a village, which is located 30 kilometres from Mediterranian. In this festival, people throw tomatoes at each other. Although the history tells tomatoes were hurled by miscreants to mark a protest. But people who received tomatoes on their faces, instead of feeling hurt, felt refreshed. And it was apparently reported that these people used tomatoes regularly for feeling refreshed.
After a couple of days, people who used tomatoes regularly for refreshment noticed that their complexion got fairer. Since then tomatoes have been used and recommended as one of the most efficient beauty tips. You can simply squeeze tomato and apply its juice and pulp on your face daily for up to six months to see the results.



Just take a papaya. Peel off the skin and crush the fruit so that it becomes like a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face. You can even use it on your arms (as they get exposed to sun and prone to tan). Allow the paste to be on your face at least for an hour. If you are a person who have no time to concentrate so much, you can simply apply and do your regular work like getting ready for office. After an hour, you can wash off. This process you need to do for at least three months to find the difference.


Honey is one of the best methods of getting fair skin folks. Just get a tea spoon of honey and apply it on your face and massage gently in circular motion. You are supposed to do this at least twice a day-morning and before going to bed. After a couple of weeks, you will notice that your skin has turned into lite golden complexion. Please note that you should not use milk with honey as it's not advisable.